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Whether it’s a custom designed shade sail structure, barrel vault or outdoor learning area Weathersafe can help. With over 50 years in the business we’ve developed a product range and expertise in all areas of outdoor shading. From design and engineering through to manufacture and installation we’re here to make your next project a success.

  1. Shade sails

    Shade sails

    Bespoke shade sail solutions suitable for shading large areas. Perfectly suited for council parks, playgrounds and public spaces.
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  2. Framed shades

    Framed shades

    DECS compliant and economic shade solution for small to large areas. Frame Shades are perfectly suited to schools, playgrounds and early learning centres.
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  3. COLA


    Covered outdoor learning areas provide an all weather solution and protection. Cola is a cost effective shelter that increase teaching or play space areas.
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  4. Shelters and Verandahs

    Shelters and Verandahs

    Optimise outdoor spaces with our high-quality, durable, and versatile outdoor shelters and verandah for all-weather protection and comfort.
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  5. Barrel Vault

    Barrel Vault

    Attractive large span covered solution. Custom designed, flexible column spacings and wide spans, available with a shade cloth or waterproof membrane cover.
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  6. Cantilevers


    Strong, modern and flexible in design, cantilever structures have a single row of columns and project out to provide shade and shelter. Single or double projection designs.
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  7. Membrane Structures

    Membrane Structures

    Custom structures are fully engineered and designed to achieve the perfect solution. With these structures, membrane can be either shade or PVC waterproof, with an extensive selection of colours.
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  8. Car Park Shade Structures

    Car Park Shade Structures

    Shade or waterproof, our car park structures add value to your property. Freestanding, cantilevered, or attached to existing buildings.
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  9. Solar Car Parks

    Solar Car Parks

    Discover Weathersafe’s innovative Solar Car Park Shelters combining renewable energy and protection for shopping centres and company car parks.
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  10. Retractable Roofs

    Retractable Roofs

    Retractable opening roof structures provide the flexibility of using your outdoor space regardless of the weather conditions. Our retractable roofs are manufactured in Australia for local conditions.
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  11. Awnings


    Combining comfort with luxury, our extensive range of folding arm retractable awnings make a quality statement. Wide range of designs available to suit your architecture.
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  12. Permanent Umbrellas

    Permanent Umbrellas

    Australian designed, engineered and manufactured hospitality permanent umbrellas are the most durable and heavy duty product available today. Waterproof PVC or Shade membrane available.
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  13. Retractable Umbrellas

    Retractable Umbrellas

    Commercial retractable umbrellas for restaurant courtyards, hotel beer gardens, golf courses, swimming pools and more.
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  14. Hard Roof

    Hard Roof

    Strong engineered steel frames provide long life and wide spans making hard roofs ideal for almost any outdoor area requiring protection from the elements. Cost effective and DECS compliant designs.
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  15. Fabric Selection

    Fabric Selection

    We recommend Australian made Monotec 370 shade mesh or
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